Although the film yet.

Although the film yet ,, it would not have happened while since Shankman has recently taken on responsibility for the assessment ‘So You Think You Can Dance? it sounds like the sequel maybe just a little too ambitious, since Shankman mentioned back in January of 2009 ‘[ The treatment] is amazing, but it’s crazy. There are things in there, do that? ‘ Can we do that? It’s real John Waters – y stuff, and it was more like a sequel to his film as our film. ‘I can not think the studio about returning to unique stories John Waters’ style was thrilled, but we will never see what it might have been.

Too ambitious, Talks Hairspray Sequel Officially DeadAlthough we kept hear details about a seminal continuation of the 2007 musical Hairspray director and choreographer Adam Shankman, like any of these like any of these plans come to fruition, as Shankman told the UK Press ):. I will kill that rumor now, that was killed is ok I was so happy with the first, let’s leave well enough alone, it ‘s all good as pleasant as Hairspray was, it’s probably for the better, a sequel a sequel to an adaptation of a Broadway musical, which would be itself a musical adaptation of John Waters ‘s 1988 film, a little over an unnecessary sequel down a few thousand.! Read the rest of this entry »

Ti West and more.

No big deal. I hear, he tells the best stories. We hope this wild film will be released around Halloween, but stay tuned. Poster below!. I hear, he& Creepy First Poster for ‘ ABCs of Death’ Horror AnthologyHere is the first poster for Drafthouse Films’ The ABCs of Death from EW:We already have the a bloody, insane little tease seen for the horror anthology ABCs of Death is winning with segments by directors like Jason Eisener , Xavier Gens , Ti West and more, not about competing mention claymation short T for toilet by Lee Hardcastle, but now we have a cool new teaser poster for the movie as good cheeky look.

Warner Bros is also on Epic Film & TV on ‘ The Dark Tower ‘ Takeearlier this month sounded like Warner Bros. Might eventually studio to record the studio to record the epic film and TV adaptation of Stephen King’s seven – book series The Dark get out of the tower base. Ron Howard was still attached to direct for his own production banner Imagine Entertainment, and he and producing partner Brian Grazer had rounded her A Beautiful Mind stars Russell Crowe to take over the role of Roland Deschain. However, it sounds like the project way back in development hell Variety has learned that Warner Bros. Has followed in the footsteps. The ambitious project. Read the rest of this entry »

Alana Thompson.

Boo Boo Boo Boo endorses Barack Obama on Jimmy Kimmel Live ‘days after the troubled starlet Linsday Lohan came out in favor of the Republican candidate, President Obama can its own its own dubious political support during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live Evening Monday, Alana Thompson., the pint-sized star Here Comes honey Boo Boo, expressed their support for the incumbent president or, as she called him, Marack Obama. Romney can win your vote back but then Alana was on the faces in a camera from the stage moves ..

This is another impressive app from Bad Robot compliment the Super – 8 camcorder app also published earlier this year. Give it a try! sleek design and is very easy to use, which means that this kind of FX videos YouTube penetrate very quickly.. Action Movie FX created by Bad Robot Interactive, you can add Hollywood FX using your iPhone’s video camera! You direct the action! The features sound design by Skywalker Sound, fast, automated video tracking, sound effects and lens flares include addition to the visuals and social features including the ability to post to Facebook and email your video to friends. Additional effects packs are on the way, since I’m sure they can dream of thousands of different effects from movies am. Read the rest of this entry »

Starring Johnny Depp as the voice of the chameleon Rango.

This seems catch only a bit of an industrial pick-up and the opportunity for the people to Rango in theaters again. Rango, starring Johnny Depp as the voice of the chameleon Rango , will play for one week limited engagement at the Arclight Hollywood beginning this Friday, January. Since Pixar film this year was not that great, other animated movies like this are always time in the spotlight.

Rattle, Bob Dylan’s voice for the ages. Bob Dylan voice isn t always more beautiful in 71. Dylan in a wheezy rasp scratches proud at his own faults That voice can sing almost avuncular this cackling of a fine fellow, who still have an eye for the ladies. But it can also be, implacable calm or completely barren, and it’s completely believable when Mr. Dylan sings, in ‘ Narrow Way ‘, ‘ armed, I m to the handle, and I am fighting hard / you won t get out unscarred. Jon Pareles, New York Times. Read the rest of this entry »

Even though both project have many more good things for them.

Google CEO Larry Page speaks in public for the first time since losing his voiceargue It took not details of suffering, drawing criticism from corporate governance experts that have any health issues that top management should be declared.

Page does not have any details about the illness caused him his voice his voice earlier this year had. But he mentioned the subject and said that he was still a little hoarse, but I’m here and I ‘m glad. . Read the rest of this entry »

Conan stars Ron Perlman as Corin.

Lionsgate brings Conan to theaters sometime in 2011, but has not set a release date yet. Now, we do. T ‘ have the advantage of low expectations. ‘In fact, these expectations are nothing less solid, and follow up a lot to follow up the success of the first well. But it sounds like Kurtzman / Orci up to the task. Soon as we hear more, we you let them know.. side Momoa, Conan stars Ron Perlman as Corin, Stephen Lang as Khalar Zym, Rachel Nichols as Tamara, Rose McGowan as Marique And Sat d Taghmaoui? This is accomplished by Marcus Nispel of Friday the 13th Remake that atrocity Pathfinder, the other Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, and a number of music videos directed. In 1932, Nu Image / Millennium Films production by Avi Lerner and Joe Gatta and co-produced on the classic Robert E.

Go in the first place, it seems Kurtzman and Orci and fro, want to pick up where she tells the story Orci:. We would never a remake. Mission be some time in the five-year mission, but one question is should we bring them right away the next day or should it be later, we are still discussing know that while speculation immediately after a return to Star Trek The Wrath of Kahn seemed like a logical conclusion, it happy to they are happy to remake one of the original films. But they know they the same distance to tread the same distance, the boat have as far as the provision of a worthy adversary for Kirk and his crew. Kurtzman. Read the rest of this entry »

Are they the same film.

S is any connection. The Ellis film is being produced by the 300 teams Warners Warners and Legendary in this picture. It could be that they? The same again? or it could be that it? different films, which probably means that the Ellis version is shit out of luck and the singer? s are made while they are lost in development hell get back. Everything is still trying at an early stage with Warner Bros. , which bind remake rights to it. With Boorman Arthurian generally regarded as the definitive film version of the classic Arthurian legend. Gritty, and violent it played luminaries as Helen Mirren, Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart. S impossible to imagine that improved better , but there? On the version of the legend that on the screen on the screen.. Are they the same film, or otherwise? The Hollywood Reporter? S history makes no mention of the Ellis project, but then THR that ignore anything that wasn? T sent to them in a news release.

Rapidly, so and Freida Pinto Join Fox Fully Rise of the ApesHe’s back! reports that reports that legendary actor John Lithgow, who won a Golden Globe last year for his role in Dexter is on the big screen back in Fox’s Rise of the Apes, the Planet of the Apes prequel by Rupert Wyatt addressed. A few days ago it was rumored that Don Cheadle and Freida Pinto had both been offered roles, and now it’s confirmed that Freida Pinto has joined in fact the occupation. Pinto plays the female lead, a primatologist named Caroline, while Lithgow is the Alzheimer’s stricken father, James Franco scientist character who tries to work on a cure his father’s illness is to play. Read the rest of this entry »