But I know that no one making zombie movies.

Are a bit differentst Review: George Romero’s Survival of the DeadI ‘m not the biggest George Romero fan, but I know that no one making zombie movies, as he does. Unfortunately in recent years, he has quite a few pretty terrible zombie films, including Diary of the Dead , which I saw at the Toronto Film Festival a few years ago and really hated. But he’s back on top of his game again with Survival of the Dead. It’s not a return to form, but he’s back. Something like Steven Soderbergh Romero has a point where he only reached to experiment and do whatever the hell he wants, which includes a zombie movie that feels more like a western than a post-apocalyptic epic.

Than expected growth of the number of employees Womei theater chain was set in China in December 2010 with Korean cinema chain Megabox as the company ‘s advisor.. Readd on Tuesday reported fiscal second-quarter results that fell short of analyst expectations on the bottom line, but they beat on the top line.The 3D movie technology exhibition specialist plans kit from 100 screens for the upstart Chinese theater operators.3D technology firm to an additional 100 cinema screens in China creating RealDThe company said the current quarter, it expects operating expenses of up to $ 100 million, about $ 5 million less than it previously expected due in part to ‘slower. Read the rest of this entry »

And this film is to create a story around this event.

As for Leo, her performances in The Fighter and Red State have required that I told her my full attention. Sun count me interested. What about you?. Itsden, Michael C. Hall & More Heading to ‘ The Dead Circus ‘The events surrounding Fuller’s death is a real-life mystery, and this film is to create a story around this event. After Fuller’s song became a hit in 1966, one week later, the 23 – year-old singer was found dead. Although ruled ruled a suicide, it seems a little strange that his body showed signs of a ailing, and gasoline was poured down his throat. The story follows a grieving screenwriter , the mystery of the singer trying to solve death. In the meantime, Leo will play a Manson Family matriarch , comes from hides five years after the murder of the writer show that the answer to his questions in 16 mm snuff films could be found Death Valley Death Valley.

We have just learned that he has become perhaps one of the Three Stooges for Bobby and Peter Farrelly long – promising screen adaptation , but now James Marsden take on an even stranger role. Deadline reports the actor notorious criminal Charles Manson in The Dead Circus play, a drama that craft a fictional story about the mysterious death I fought the Law singer Bobby Fuller. Add Marsden in the strange film Golden Globe winner Michael C. Hall and Oscar-winner Melissa Leo be. Adam Davenport wrote the script and is also his directorial debut with the project. Read the rest of this entry »

000 Festival Sets Participation RecordKaukomaa the development is I Killed Adolf Hitler.

I think it has the potential to even renewed, said Yi. Print.. Some 58,000 Festival Sets Participation RecordKaukomaa the development is I Killed Adolf Hitler, based on the Norwegian comic about a man and a woman from 70s to 20s London sent Munich to Hitler, who winds up killing in the present, and the TV series nymphs about female characters, the sperm to survive. Yi believes nymphs , which was sold in five countries in Europe, has commercial appeal.

The event wraps with about 58,000 entries; Tero Kaukomaa whose on Tuesday, takes home the Producers’ Association Award ‘Iron Sky ‘debuts on DVD.The Helsinki International Film Festival finished 30th September with nearly 58,000 registrations, up from seven % in 2011 and a new record. Filmmakers present Beasts of the Southern Wild – include producer Dan Janvey, Rust and Bone director Jacques Audiard and Antii Jokinen, whose Purge is Finland ‘s Oscar contender. S Panel on the HIFF spoke about Asian films trends, also saw the festival ‘s Filmmaker Showcase Works in Progress, Learn. Read the rest of this entry »

I lovellusionists Heist Project Now You See Me It sounds it could be fantastic.

I lovellusionists Heist Project ‘ Now You See Me ‘It sounds it could be fantastic. The Wrap reports that Summit has a spec script by Boaz Yakin and newcomer Edward Ricourt entitled Now You See Me co-written collected. Have not you? History) pits an FBI squad in a cat – and-mouse against a team of of the world’s greatest illusionists, the off always draw a series of daring bank robberies during the performances, showering the profits on their audiences while one step ahead of the authorities. Not that kind of sound like The Illusionist in a contemporary heist movie has transformed?

The photo above from Radcliffe with the elegant mustache of his 2007 television movie. My Boy Jack, so it does not refer to all quiet on the western front I think Radcliffe is a talented actor and I’m glad to see him serpent several interesting projects after the completion of the Harry Potter idea.?. Daniel Radcliffe leads ‘All Quiet on the Western Front ‘ Remake. British producer Ian Stokell and Lesley Paterson , the sliding doors come down Rainbows, also wrote the script as far as we can tell, is not a real studio still involved, but with an actor like Daniel Radcliffe to star in a remake of the classic Best Picture winner, I am sure they have started a bidding war for this. Read the rest of this entry »

When Telecinco Cinema.

The Impossible is proof that in Spain we can Hollywood that compete with Hollywood said Telecinco Cinema CEO Ghislain Barrois. When Telecinco Cinema, we are proud to once again with Juan Antonio Bayona, whose opera have worked prima we co-produced. And to partner with us as Apache’s entertainment in the adventure. .

Chris Brown.Is hosted by Heidi Klum, annual awards ceremony from from Frankfurt Festhalle are on 11th November on MTV channels around the world.Pitbull and The Killers will also entertain the crowd at the annual awards ceremony held at Frankfurt in November. ‘m excited, will be led to three other high-profile late additions to the lineup of fourteen Grammy – award winning singer / songwriter Alicia Keys perform. – – bring LONDON Korean pop sensation and Internet phenomenon Psy its Gangnam style at this year’s MTV European Music Awards in Frankfurt in November. Psy Said: Since this is my first time to be an international award an international award, but lead to a worldwide audience, I ‘m excited, my international virginity at the MTV EMA!. Read the rest of this entry »

In theory will try Rogue Scholars.

In theory will try Rogue Scholars, three generations of comedy fans with the goal of ‘college age funnymen ‘than students the the teacher and an older generation as the administration. ‘We hope that those who seem best and the brightest, ‘said Krevoy. ‘If you see[ Broken Lizard’s] body of work and look to see that they understand modern comedy, they are prepared for this outbreak. We want to expand from their core audience in a four-quadrant audience.

But it really sounds like this project a long way off anyway, with the Formula One flick Rush is the next probably project for Howard Dark Tower and hopefully get together is early next year. Yet the view is interesting, to say the least, and I am pleased to see through the development through the development. Read the rest of this entry »

Chris Pine attached even to Ben Affleck Scripted The Blade Itself?

Chris Pine attached even to Ben Affleck Scripted The Blade Itself?Although development was quiet, says Pajiba the inner source that directors like Steve Zailian and Sam Raimi were approached to direct, but to no avail Well planned, the top contenders for the job are meeting with Pine before an. Helmer is officially discontinued. The Blade Itself follows childhood friends Evan and Danny, as themselves itself to a duo from petty theft to a botched pawn shop robbery Evan jail. While Danny is a new leaf, Evan bides his time in prison until his release seven years later, as he sets out to Danny to get back into a thieving lifestyle at the risk of exposing his secret past of theft.

Chris Pine has all the trade after his breakthrough performance in Star Trek with his name was mentioned along with a variety of projects in the past few months. Now we get wind of a project that Pine was apparently only a few days before Star Trek in theaters in theaters as Pajiba, to datet he attached to the Ben Affleck – scripted crime drama The Blade Itself to Marcus Sakey novel of the same name is based. Aaron Stockard co-wrote the screenplay with Affleck after first writing the script for the actor ‘s directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone back in 2007, but apparently it is not steer you in the cards for Affleck. Read the rest of this entry »